Are you looking to work with me as your Divorce Attorney or Mediator?

You can learn more about my services as a divorce attorney here:  Nelson, Comis, Kettle & Kinney

Please note that I only represent clients in the Ventura County and Santa Barbara County Superior Courts, California.  Divorce Attorney Consultation services are available in person or by phone but only to residents of California (I’m only licensed to practice in California, trust me, every state has different laws and I’m of no use to you anywhere else).  I offer mediation services throughout California but charge for travel time and lodging for mediations conducted more than 50 miles from our offices in Oxnard, California.


Are you looking for a Speaker, Workshop Leader of Panel Member for your event?

I speak and provide workshop training to church groups, business groups and parent groups.  Here are a few examples of some popular topics for groups of all kinds, but I’m open to your ideas (unless it involves porn or physics):

*How to speak so that he/she can hear you: effective inter-gender communication

*Everything I need to know about staying married, I learned from a divorce attorney

*Respecting Your Elders: how to work with and market to the older client

*Getting back in the game:  dating after divorce

*Work-Life Balance is Bullshit:  how to take care of yourself so you can take care of everything else

*What to do when your ex is a jerk: effective co-parenting after divorce

*What Happy Moms Do: how to stay sane while parenting

*The Pleasure Diet: a new way of thinking about taking extra delicious care of yourself

*The Healing Power of Crappy Art: using creativity to heal after a loss

*Your Story Matters: shifting your perspective through the art of storytelling

Drop me a line at and tell me about your group or event.  If we’re a good match, I can provide you with a detailed proposal.  I offer discounted rates for non-profit organizations and charity events.

How To Get Through Divorce Without Losing Your Shit

I collected all the things that I knew would help women make better decisions while they were going through their divorce but that people didn’t want (or couldn’t afford) to hear from their attorney.  Then I added in some practical tips, the kinds of things that I get asked over and over:  

  • How do I deal with all this paperwork when I am overwhelmed and upset?
  • How do I make it through the first holiday morning without my kids?  
  • Why do I want a cigarette? Am I actually crazy or is this normal?

When I went through my own divorce, it became clear that no one was talking about the weird little things that make you feel alone, scared and incapable of making wise choices.  So I’m talking about them.  Maybe you know someone who needs to hear this.  Maybe this starts the conversation.  Maybe this tiny, little book can be the thing that helps you get out of the shit ditch, so you can redefine happily ever after.