What if your next door neighbor was a wise-cracking mama who just happens to be a family mediator?  What if there was a place where you could sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine and share stories about this crazy place life has brought you to?  Welcome to the neighborhood, sister.

I’m Keri Kettle.  I’m a passionate pleasure-seeker, an advocate for kindness and a dedicated peace-maker.  What do I do here at Holding Your Grace?  Here, I’m a cheerleader for your spirit.

I’m a divorced mom who happens to be a family law attorney/mediator.  I have 2 kids, 2 bonus kids (aka stepchildren) and I’m re-married to the man of my dreams (aka a smokin’ hot guy that has a job and does dishes).  I am here to help moms (and a few dads) re-define their own happily ever after – especially  when the “after” is some of the bad stuff that inevitably happens in this life.

I’ve devoted my life to researching what to do to stop being overwhelmed, burned out and just plain bored, so you can create a luscious life.  When you work with me you can expect to learn how to stop letting the difficult events in your past continue to define your future – so you can start finding the path to a good life, delicious love and deep connection with your kids.

There will be stories – the kind that make you snort laugh, the kind that make you call a friend crying and the kind that make you fist pump and join in a chorus of “f’k yeah!”

If you want to join me on this crazy post-“sh*t hitting the fan” journey to amazing, first I need to know one thing – do you believe you deserve a great life even though life didn’t turned out the way you planned?

If you answered yes (and I really hope you did) then buckle up, because I’m going to be the voice in your inbox daring you to be awesome.

Start by entering your name and e-mail into that box up there (or down below if you are reading this on your phone).  You’ll get my free 5-day joy-boosting program, Happier This Year, plus my weekly newsletter.  You’ll also be the first to hear about workshops, e-courses, and special events.

I take the privilege of being allowed into your inbox seriously, I will not send you lame, boring crap – I will occasionally swear (not AT you, but FOR you) and I will often tell you embarrassing stories about myself.  I’m excited that my life-long tendency to over-share is now considered a virtue, the cool kids call it “vulnerability”.


P.S.   If you are looking for legal advice, a referral to an attorney or a place to hang out with bitter, mean people – this isn’t the site for that.  I know this sounds crazy, but I created this site for nice people who want to heal their life and have more fun.

P.P.S.  I love donuts.

P.P.P.S.  And wine.